Hotel Emirhan Resorts & SPA Side / Antalya

The idea lays behind of Emirhan Hotel’s hospitality; emerges from the hormony of the desires. Comfortable rooms,delicious food,all day

long animatıon,crazy waterslides and lovely sandy
bech is just a part of it.

Tthe owner


family lives also in the Hotel and will host you as a new member of their family,
making sure,that you are very well theated like home.

Our Environment Policy

To improve enviromental conditions regularly in accordance with the regulations of hotelier secter administration; to lead the productive usement of natural resourses to cause minimum evviromental damage;to adopt the inhabitants to the enviromental sensebility and make it to continue.

 Our Quality Policy

Our aim;to controlling and improving approbration of our product and services for approaching our target,pushing up the competitions according to the changing profile of the guests  and the necessity; with participation of the workers provide the maximum guest satisfaction.


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